Creative & Ritual Arts in the Woodlands

Happier Moss Hill by Valerianna Claff of Ravenwood ForestRavenWood Forest provides a place for quiet retreat, reflection, creativity, and celebration within the embrace of a vibrant     hemlock forest. Participants are invited to step out of ordinary routine and feel a deep connection to nature and the wild spirit within and without. Myth comes alive with storytelling, rituals and classes that push the boundaries of traditional arts education, where the forest provides infinite inspiration and materials, and the land itself is a canvas. RavenWood offers opportunities to deepen one’s relationship with the natural world through observational drawing, painting, mixed-media, listening practices, creativity, and nature awareness in a peaceful, woodland setting. RavenWood is a place of enchantment, allowing new stories, dreams and visions to be held and nurtured, and authentic creative expression to thrive.

Offering ~

  • individual art instruction
  • art classes & workshops
  • drawing, painting & mixed-media
  • environmental arts
  • artist mentoring & dream visioning
  • women’s groups & gatherings
  • Young Women’s Retreats
  • art, spiritual & ritual retreats
  • individual retreats
  • special programs

“I took a studio art class with Valerianna… and was extraordinarily surprised with the final result. Valerianna truly is an enchanter and I found my work benefiting from her organic view on life and art. She was nurturing and supportive while also effectively challenging me to reach my true potential. Despite my background in studio art I found myself utilizing different materials in new and interesting ways, thanks to her suggestions and insight. A class with Valerianna is a must!” — Kai Doo

Thanks to the generous support of the Forest Viability Enhancement Program, and the Ritual Arts Collective for grants to build the new studio/workshop space.

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