Dream Visioning

A bit like coaching, a bit like creative mentoring, a Dream Visioning session is an opportunity to expand one’s vision, by sourcing one’s intuition and wisdom. I’ve learned a great deal from many years of teaching creative process, and from persuing my own dreams and making them manifest. I love being in a creative cauldron (my version of “think tank” maybe) with a person who is seeking to deepen their work and vision in the world. Having supported countless students in their search for their authentic expression in artwork, I’ve learned that the same questions and tools apply to deepeing vision and making dreams manifest.  I bring my experience as an artist, healer, ritualist, visioner and dreamer to the session to support witness and co-create. I offer my knowledge of myths, stories, symbols and archetypes to play with and learn from in countless ways and my understanding of natural creative processes to help frame the ebbs and flows and seasonal nature of living, dreaming and manifesting.

The first step in manifestion is the dreaming, and for that we need to allow time and space and inspiration. The place of dreaming is the place that has no bounds. Sometimes we need to sit in the mystery until clarity comes. Other times we need to jump into the creative fire together so that our collective flames are even more transformative.

Each Dream Visioning session is highly co-creative, improvisational and inspiring. We might:

  • re-frame personal stories that block your path
  • work with art and writing to access intuition
  • explore symbols & archetypes that seem potent and empowering
  • create rituals to shift into expanded energy
  • work with drum & voice to sound in and through blocks
  • create a Dream Bowl to use as a focusing tool and to hold written dreams and affirmations (my personal bowl pictured above)
  • source the healing and supportive energy of the forest to remind you of your wilder self and your creative nature

If you are interested in a Dream Visioning session, please contact me for fees. Sessions are best done in person and in a series of sessions, however I do offer phone sessions. Call 413-296-0330 for more information.

“Sending back the love and respect hundredfold, you really work magic.” – Alison Mullan-Stout


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