Summer Drawing Class

The class below was offered several summers ago and gives you an idea of what is offered here at RavenWood. Classes and workshops are on hold because of COVID so please check back or add your name to the mailing list on the contact page.

Forest Forms & Fractals ~ Drawing, Mixed-Media & Nature Books in the Woodlands

Ongoing 6-week class

  • Thursdays mornings  10-12:30
  • June 14- July 19  ~ cost $200, plus materials

In this course we will look closely at the exquisite forms and patterns of the natural world as we walk, draw and collect objects in the forest. We will explore how a finite number of natural patterns combine to create infinite variations and how these patterns are repeated throughout the universe in both the microcosm and the macrocosm. The spiral form of a shell is repeated in the spiral pattern of a galaxy, and we see the branching of a river in the veins of our hands. As we draw, we train our eyes to see these repeated patterns and begin to understand the basic structures and design of natural objects, landmasses and the cosmos.

Throughout the class, a variety of drawing and simple bookbinding techniques will be demonstrated, inviting students to make nature books combining drawing, natural materials and found objects. Students are encouraged to experiment with new materials and surfaces, to explore, expand and play. Several microscopes are on hand for those interested in an even closer look.

Students with some foundation in drawing, those interested in sharpening their rendering skills as well as those wanting to explore shape and pattern as a resource for design and abstraction will benefit from this class. Small class size enables Valerianna to provide each student with individual attention.

Materials and techniques we will explore are listed below, however, students are welcome to work in any drawing material that suits their process.

  • pen & ink
  • ink wash    
  • scratchbord
  • nature printing
  • pattern & mark making with burning, sewing, simple printmaking
  • bookbinding/nature books

If you are interested in the class, and want more information about Valerianna and her teaching philosophy and experience, please visit both the Bio and the Art Instruction pages to learn more.

For your convenience, a Paypal button will soon be here to register for the class. Until that time, please contact Valerianna either by phone or email for more information and to register. Phone: 413-296-0330, email:

Space is limited, please register early!

Below: A Woodland Book

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